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Yes. We are committed to respecting and supporting the health of individuals across the spectrums of gender and sexuality. We recognize that cisgender women, trans women and non-binary people have mental health and recovery needs that our programs and services address. Only recently have women’s behavioral health needs been recognized as unique and requiring a different treatment approach than the standard treatment developed by and for men in the majority culture. We specialize in gender-specific care in recognition of these needs, but our treatment and services are inclusive of all people and gender-affirming. 

Wayside Recovery Center does have a Supportive Housing Program. In addition, our Recovery Services team helps provide women with resources to various sober and supportive housing opportunities.

Yes, we provide childcare during the day while mothers are in programming at our Family Residential Treatment Center. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we currently offer on-site Children’s Groups. We will be transitioning back to daycares in the community when COVID-19 precautions allow it. At our outpatient Wellness Center, we assist in coordinating off-site childcare for times when mothers need to attend program groups or sessions. 

Yes, Wayside is one of only five providers in the state that offers family treatment. Women can enter treatment pregnant and with children up to age 11. Women can also be working towards reunification while in treatment and receive support to have custody re-established. Learn more about our Family Treatment Center.

Wayside has two levels of intensity. In our high intensity program, women receive 30-40 hours of treatment per week. In our medium intensity program, women receive 15-30 hours. Outpatient provides high intensity programming. Women can receive up to 14 hours a week.

Yes, if a different level of care is appropriate, women can transfer from one program to another.

Wayside’s staff are skillful, compassionate, and caring. They have extensive experience working with substance use disorder, child protection issues, mental health, the legal system and life skills such as employment coaching and budget planning. In fact, some of them have many years of their own sobriety, which means they can relate to the challenges and the rewards of the recovery process. At Wayside, our dedicated staff ensures that women are empowered with the skills they need to prevent recurrence of use and the strength to build a healthier life.

Wayside provides psychiatric and medication management services through our onsite qualified professionals who work closely with you, our medical team and Wayside preferred psychiatric clinics to meet all your psychiatric needs.

Yes, if a woman lives outside of Minnesota she can still receives our services.

Yes, our Women’s Treatment Center and Family Treatment Center both accept clients receiving Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and taking Suboxone and Methadone. We also have an onsite psychiatric and medical team who can help you manage your MAT medications and treatment plan.