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Comparing Treatments

Once you have taken that first step in deciding to seek help, you will find that there are many treatment options and services available.

How do you decide on the right treatment path for you? 

Our Treatment Evaluation Worksheet will help you ask the right questions of any program you are considering. Since 1954, more than 32,000 women have chosen Wayside.

wayside services are gender specific, comprehensive and personalized.

Wayside provides gender-specific services because the needs of women struggling with mental and chemical health are different from men. Wayside supports women’s healing based on these differences. We also offer comprehensive services that meet you and your family’s needs in the areas of mental health, substance use disorder, primary care, psychiatry, recovery support and supportive housing.

We create an individualized plan for you and your family—one that does not stop at 90 days of in-patient treatment, but instead works to build a long-term recovery plan with a future free of chemical dependency and mental health concerns. 

Wayside welcomes children and families 

Wayside is one of only 5 providers in the state to offer family residential treatment. We welcome pregnant women, as well as women with young children (age 0-11), for residential stay. Many women work towards reunification while in treatment and successfully regain custody. We coordinate childcare with a licensed child care partner and offer children’s groups so that women can attend programming. We also welcome older children (age 12+) for visits, support and family counseling.

To support the children in residence, we offer mental health assessment, therapy services, case management, children’s groups and family activities.



Wayside’s staff are skillful, compassionate, and caring. They have extensive experience working with substance use disorder, child protection issues, mental health, the legal system and life skills such as employment coaching and budget planning. In fact, some of them have many years of their own sobriety, which means they can relate to the challenges and the rewards of the recovery process. At Wayside, our dedicated staff ensures that women are empowered with the skills they need to prevent recurrence of use and the strength to build a healthier life.

Yes, we provide childcare during the day while mothers are in programming at our Family Residential Treatment Center. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we currently offer on-site Children’s Groups. We will be transitioning back to daycares in the community when COVID-19 precautions allow it. At our outpatient Wellness Center, we assist in coordinating off-site childcare for times when mothers need to attend program groups or sessions. 

Wayside Recovery Center does have a Supportive Housing Program. In addition, our Recovery Services team helps provide women with resources to various sober and supportive housing opportunities.

Wayside provides psychiatric and medication management services through our onsite qualified professionals who work closely with you, our medical team and Wayside preferred psychiatric clinics to meet all your psychiatric needs.

Yes, Wayside is one of only five providers in the state that offers family treatment. Women can enter treatment pregnant and with children up to age 11. Women can also be working towards reunification while in treatment and receive support to have custody re-established. Learn more about our Family Treatment Center.

Wayside offers individualized, culturally responsive treatment to every woman who walks through our doors. This includes access to providers representative of your community and referrals for additional services you may request to support you while in our care. Currently, women who identify as Indigenous or African American represent the two largest cultural communities that access services at Wayside. Learn more about our culturally responsive care at Comparing Treatments.

“Wayside was the first time I received the help I needed in all areas of my life—therapy, parenting, spirituality…I needed all of it. Addiction and trauma had impacted everything. Today I know I am a worthwhile woman and I deserve to be loved, respected and sober!”
Wayside Alumna

Wayside is flexible and discreet

There are many ways that you can receive help from Wayside. If you are in school or working, and you are in need of recovery maintenance or accessing services early in your disease, you may consider our outpatient services. If you are need of higher intensity comprehensive support in a safe and supportive 24-hour environment, our residential treatment programs may be a better fit for you.

Regardless of where you are at in your journey, we keep our services discreet and affordable at all times. We accept women regardless of their ability to pay, and will work with you to determine the best method of payment.

Wayside prioritizes a culturally responsive staff and environment 

Women who identify as Indigenous or African American represent the two largest cultural communities that access services at Wayside. We offer individualized, culturally-specific treatment to every woman that walks through our doors. This includes access to providers representative of their communities.

Wayside staff are skillful, compassionate and caring. They bring extensive experience working with issues related to chemical dependency, child protection, mental health, the legal system and life planning. In fact, some are in recovery themselves and can intimately relate to the challenges and rewards of the process. We provide antiracism training for staff and invest in HR strategies to recruit, hire and retain a workforce diverse in age, experience and background. Learn more about our commitment to equity.

Wayside also understands that it can be important to be surrounded by items that remind you of your heritage or culture—you are welcome to bring these items with you. If you don’t have access to such items, our staff will help you personalize your space and accommodate your cultural preferences. We allow sage burning on the premises and support the use of traditional medicine. 

Wayside is with you for the entire journey

Wayside commits to providing the care that each woman needs, for as long as she needs it. The average length of residential stay is 3 months, followed by around 12 weeks of outpatient treatment and continuing recovery services. Our staff of case managers, counselors and peer support specialists will work closely with you on an aftercare plan, and help connect you with housing, insurance, recovery community and employment resources before you leave treatment.