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Become an intern in the areas of substance use disorder and mental health treatment at Wayside.

We offer one internship / practicum position at each of our main treatment locations per semester. We welcome applicants who are seeking their licensed alcohol and drug counseling (LADC) degree at either the bachelor’s or master’s level. We also accept LPC and LPCC students seeking a mental health internship. We do not offer social work or sociology internships. 

**Internship applications for Spring 2023 are no longer being accepted. We will open applications for summer internship opportunities in January of 2023.**

**Note: We do not offer social work or sociology internships.**


Women’s Treatment Center Internship (CLOSED)

The Wayside Women’s Treatment Center is a gender-specific, residential treatment program that provides treatment to women meeting criteria for substance use or dual diagnosis treatment. This program is typically 30-100 days of residential placement followed by 12 weeks of non-residential treatment and recovery maintenance. Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors work with licensed mental health professionals, medical staff, peer recovery specialists, and other supplemental services including on-site parenting groups and case management to provide a holistic array of services. 

Interns will gain experience in counseling, case management, assessment, crisis intervention, documentation and group facilitation.

Family Treatment Center Internship (CLOSED)

Similar to the Wayside Women’s Treatment Center, services are provided both in a residential and non-residential setting. At Wayside Family Treatment, women are able to receive treatment services while their child(ren) live with them. This program is typically 45-100 days of residential treatment followed by 10 weeks of non-residential treatment. The staff consists of a multidisciplinary team of substance use disorder and mental health counselors, case managers, parenting specialists, peer recovery specialists, and medical staff.

Interns will gain experience in counseling, case management, assessment, crisis intervention, documentation, and group facilitation.

Family Services Intern (CLOSED)

The Family Services Intern will be responsible for assisting the Family Program. Duties and responsibilities include assisting with a caseload of clients, creating trauma informed activities for children and families, assisting with field trips and providing culturally sensitive and relevant services to diverse clients and their families. Family Services Intern will grow in their knowledge of substance use disorder and trauma informed care and gain experience in case management, coordinating with community agencies (including St. Louis Park Schools, Child Protection, Probation, etc.) and group facilitation.  

Wellness Center Internship (CLOSED)

The Wayside Wellness Center provides integrated and individualized outpatient treatment for women experiencing substance use and mental health disorders. A client’s treatment program is comprised of individual appointments, groups, and independent skill development and practice. Clients attend 5-13 hours of programming each week, either daytime or evening groups.

Interns will gain experience observing intake interviews, recovery meetings, treatment groups, and individual sessions, and will eventually be able to facilitate some therapeutic groups, individual sessions, comprehensive assessments and case management. Preference is given to internship/practicum applicants with experience or education in co-occurring/dual diagnosis populations. This opportunity is currently being offered virtually.

Mental Health Internship (CLOSED)

The mental health department is integrated into each program within Wayside Recovery Center. We provide individualized therapy, family therapy, child/play therapy as well as complete diagnostic assessments and initial evaluations into our programs. Several groups within our residential programs are facilitated by mental health staff. Therapy sessions are scheduled based on a client’s needs after a diagnostic assessment has been completed.

Interns will gain experience observing initial evaluations, diagnostic assessments, individual therapy sessions and, eventually, complete diagnostic assessments and manage a small case load of their own. Groups and family sessions may also be a possibility. Preference is given to internship/practicum applicants with experience or education in co-occurring/dual diagnosis populations. It is also preferred that if the intern is in dual licensure program, that they have completed their SUD internship hours previous to the mental health portion. Our therapists currently hold LPCC, LMFT, LICSW, and LGSW licenses and are currently able to supervise candidates pursuing their LPCC or LPC licenses.

Program Evaluation (Bachelor’s or Master’s Level ) Internship (OPEN)

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) Program

Wayside aims to provide programming that is tailored to the clients we serve. To do this, Wayside collects data by interviewing clients in which funded services are part of their treatment plan. The data collected is used to develop an understanding of the services provided and inform program improvements. In addition, the data is reviewed and analyzed to be able to report to stakeholders and funders.

Interns will assist in completing NOMs and GPRA interviews with clients and entering collected data into a database. Interns will gain experience in evaluation, data collection and entry, and conducting trauma-informed interviews in alignment with federally funded program guidelines.


All applications will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis.