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Family Recovery Services and Support

Addiction can run in families, but so can recovery.

The trauma of substance use disorder extends beyond a single person. We believe treatment that includes a woman’s children, family members, and support network is the most effective in breaking the generational cycle of addiction and trauma. Our Family Recovery Services Team provides pregnancy support, doula services, parenting education, family therapy, peer support, case management and help with the legal and child welfare systems.


Wayside offers one-on-one support in a safe, supportive environment where both women and children can receive the family recovery services they need to thrive. Clients can access:

  • Parenting education, support, encouragement and resources 
  • Family therapy for you, your child and/or your partner or co-parent
  • Perinatal education and support from one of our certified Doulas 
  • Help navigating the legal and child welfare systems 
  • Parenting support groups including transportation to and from group, lunch and offsite childcare
  • Transportation to and from appointments

Our family recovery services can continue even after you discharge from treatment. A Case Manager or Peer Recovery Specialist can continue to meet with you virtually, over the phone, or in the community.