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Family Residential Treatment

As a mother, you take care of your family, but you don’t always take time to care for yourself.

If you’re struggling with addiction but fear how treatment could affect your family and children, Wayside offers a solution for residential treatment for women with children.

Why Wayside?

Wayside is one of only three providers in Minnesota where women can enroll in residential treatment with their children.

In our Family Residential Treatment Program, you can strengthen your parenting skills and improve family relationships while focusing on recovery. Your young children (ages birth-11) can stay with you and receive the services they need to thrive in a safe and supportive environment. We also provide support and family counseling for older children during their visits.

70% of our clients are first-time mothers and 90% have dependent children. On average, families in our residential program stay for 3 months. We also welcome pregnant women to our program, where they can deliver healthy babies while in our care. Our staff are trained as certified doulas to support you through your pregnancy and delivery.

We offer bed capacity for 19 women and 16 children.

“I want my children to know that addiction can run in families, but so can recovery.”

Comprehensive Care for the Whole Family

Wayside family care extends beyond substance use disorder treatment. Beyond our residential treatment for women with children, we also provide onsite case management, peer support, psychiatric services, medication assisted treatment (MAT) services, and primary care for both mother and child in the form of physicals and well checks within the first week in our care.

As part of your healing, you will receive additional support to: 

  • Improve parenting skills,
  • Understand the trauma your children have experienced,
  • Improve relationships with your children and family, and
  • Break the generational cycle of addiction and trauma.

We coordinate childcare off-site at a fully licensed facility so that women can focus on their recovery programming. Children will also have access to developmental assessments, mental health services and referrals for early intervention services to reverse the effects of trauma.

Admissions involving active Child Protection Services (CPS) Cases

We support mothers with active Child Protection cases and work assertively towards reunification during treatment.

Mothers involved with CPS who are hoping to find residential treatment for women with children will first need an approval letter from a judge. You will be able to enter treatment by yourself immediately (upon open bed availability), and Wayside staff will work with you and CPS to obtain court approval for your children to join you.