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Individual Therapy

Personalized, trauma-informed mental health support

Our therapists take a person-centered approach, tailoring an individual therapy experience to your needs to help empower you in discovering and living a fulfilling life.

Individual therapy

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, relationship issues, grief and loss, parenting difficulties or other behavioral concerns, we are here to help.

In individual therapy you will work with your counselor to determine your unique goals. You will meet weekly or bi-weekly with your therapist in order to get the support that you need as you work on your goals towards better health.

At Wayside, you can work with our mental health therapists to support your mental health needs independently or before, during or after you enroll in our addiction treatment services. You do not need to have a substance use disorder diagnosis to receive individual therapy mental health services at Wayside. Your counselor can help you with any concerns you may have about your current substance use, if needed. This means we can meet you wherever you are in your life journey.


Wayside’s staff are skillful, compassionate, and caring. They have extensive experience working with substance use disorder, child protection issues, mental health, the legal system and life skills such as employment coaching and budget planning. In fact, some of them have many years of their own sobriety, which means they can relate to the challenges and the rewards of the recovery process. At Wayside, our dedicated staff ensures that women are empowered with the skills they need to prevent recurrence of use and the strength to build a healthier life.

Yes, each woman has a dedicated counselor who you will meet within 24-72 hours of entering treatment. From there, you will meet with your counselor once a week.

Wayside provides psychiatric and medication management services through our onsite qualified professionals who work closely with you, our medical team and Wayside preferred psychiatric clinics to meet all your psychiatric needs.