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Our Mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of addiction and trauma for women, children and families.


Seventy years ago Wayside Recovery Center, formerly The Wayside House, Inc., began with a mission to improve the quality of women’s lives. Since then, Wayside has become an expert in delivering gender-specific and trauma-informed substance use disorder treatment and mental health services for women and their families. 

Wayside Recovery Center provides a holistic array of care including outpatient and residential substance use disorder treatment, recovery support services, adult and children’s mental health therapy, long-term supportive housing and family support services.

Our Vision is that all women, children, and families achieve healing and hope for their future free from the effects of addiction and trauma. 

Our philosophy of care

Our care experiences are guided by the client voice, the cultural preferences of all involved, the needs of the entire family system and our commitment to long-term relational support. 

Our staff focus on strategies that reduce disparities, address historical sources of abuse, consider social determinants of health and interrupt the generational transmission of risk to future populations. 

Wayside believes that women can and do experience fulfilling lives even having struggled with trauma, addiction and mental health concerns. Our role is to be an effective, caring partner in the journey of her recovery. 

There is hope. With appropriate care, education, support and accountability, each woman can recover – no matter what has happened in her past. We recognize and honor the courage of a woman taking her first step and coming to Wayside.

We see you. We hear you. We welcome you.