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Not sure where to begin?

1. Take our short online assessment to determine if you need our support.

If you’re not sure whether you or a loved one could benefit from professional resources related to substance use disorder and mental health, you can start by taking our brief quiz.

2. Schedule a drug and alcohol assessment with our supportive Assessment Team.

To better understand your mental and physical wellbeing and determine what services best fits your needs our team of mental health and licensed alcohol and drug counselors are here to support you.

Assessment for Substance Use Disorder Treatment

A direct access comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment, once known as a Rule 25 Assessment, is a confidential 1:1 interview between you and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor. The counselor will ask you questions to determine what type of care will be best-suited to your chemical health needs.

A comprehensive assessment can also help you access the State of Minnesota Chemical Dependency Consolidated Treatment Fund (CCDTF). This money is available to all eligible Minnesota residents and can allow you to access the help you need even if you do not have insurance or do not want to use it for treatment.

Assessment for Mental Health Therapy

A Diagnostic Assessment is a confidential 1:1 interview between you and a licensed mental health therapist to determine the appropriate level of care to meet your mental health needs. You will be asked about your family’s mental health history and symptoms such as sleep patterns, mood changes, and anxiety and how it is affecting your life.

Wayside provides our drug and alcohol assessment virtually and in-person at our Wellness Outpatient Center in St. Paul just steps away from the Metro Green Line and our Center of Belonging in South Minneapolis.

Call our intake line to get started in scheduling a an assessment today.

3. Call our intake line to start the process right away 

This is the simplest way to get started at Wayside. No matter what your situation, even before taking our drug and alcohol assessment, our support staff will guide you to the appropriate next steps for you or your family. Call today, 651-242-5555.