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Media Inquiries

Our staff are leaders in the Behavioral Health Field and experts in the intersection of addiction, mental health and trauma.


Our experts are knowledgeable about a wide range of topics:

  • Gender-specific treatment and services for women and their families
  • Intersections of substance use disorder and mental health
  • The benefits of services that address the whole family’s health and wellbeing in addiction treatment
  • Health equity and how social determinants of health effect the long-term stability of women and their families
  • Culturally-specific services for African American pregnant and parenting mothers
  • The benefits of providing integrated care that addresses mental, physical and chemical health
  • Impact of trauma on addiction for women
  • Impact of a parent’s addiction on children
  • Generational transference of risks for addiction
  • Effect of toxic stress on the developing brain


If you are interested in speaking with a Wayside staff member, please contact:

Advancement Team