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Yes, each woman has a dedicated counselor who you will meet within 24-72 hours of entering treatment. From there, you will meet with your counselor once a week.

Yes, we have licensed staff able to provide Comprehensive Assessments, or Rule 25 Assessments, on site. Contact Wayside Intake at (651) 242-5540.

Wayside is committed to providing the care each woman needs, for as long as she needs it. The average length of stay is 60-90 days. We know that longer lengths of treatment creates the best long-term outcomes for our clients.Your length of stay will be based upon your unique needs. Before admitting into services, you will receives comprehensive and diagnostic assessments and then a customized treatment plan will be created just for you. Residential treatment is typically followed by outpatient treatment, which lasts for approximately 12 weeks.

We provide same day access services for those in crisis or in need of urgent care. We generally have opening in our outpatient mental health and substance use disorder services, but often there is a waitlist for our women’s and family residential services, and supportive housing. Please call to inquire about our current waitlist by calling Wayside Intake at (651) 242-5540. Wayside offers pre-engagement services from our peer recovery specialists to support all women our wait lists.