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What is a Rule 25 Assessment and How Wayside Can Help

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To better understand your mental and physical wellbeing and determine what services best fits your needs, our team of mental health and licensed alcohol and drug counselors are here to support you.  

What is a Rule 25 Assessment?  

A Rule 25 Assessment, also known as a chemical use assessment, is a comprehensive process to determine whether a person needs treatment and if so, establish the type of treatment most beneficial.  The completion of a Rule 25 Assessment helps you access  The State of Minnesota Chemical Dependency Consolidated Treatment Fund (CCDFT)  These funds are available for all Minnesota residents that meets the clinical and financial eligibility requirements.  

Wayside provides a Comprehensive Assessor to help smooth the process of determining treatment all in one place. A licensed assessor asks a series of confidential questions to understand an individual chemical and mental health needs. The questions are divided into six different categories including substance use, biomedical concerns (physical health history), behavioral history (mental health history), readiness for change, continued use potential, and recovery environment.  

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Upon completion of the interview, the assessor will then determine whether the individual meets criteria for treatment. If treatment is needed, the assessor will make recommendations for appropriate level of care such as inpatient or outpatient treatment. Wayside provides our drug and alcohol assessment virtually to maintain the safety of our staff and potential clients.  

Reach out to Wayside’s Assessor directly with questions or concerns: (651) 242- 5550

Examples of questions include:  

  • Have you felt like you ought to cut down on your drinking or drug use? 
  • Have people been annoyed or criticized by your drinking or drug use? 
  • Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking or drug use? 
  • Have you ever had a drink or used drugs first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover? 

There are many more in-depth questions the assessor will ask before determining a individual’s mental health or substance use disorder treatment. Most importantly, a Rule 25 Assessment is to give you the care that you deserve. Our short assessment is to help an individual determine if a Rule 25 Assessment  is essential to their long-term care.   

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