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We’re So Glad You’re Here: Starting Your Recovery Journey At Wayside

A client enters the doors of Wayside Recovery Center and is greeted by Stephanie at the front desk.

It’s not just you. At some point, we’ve all had that anxious feeling walking into unfamiliar spaces and wondering how everything will turn out.

Wayside wants to let you know ahead of time that we do our best to make you feel safe and wanted.

Meet Stephanie, our Office and Advancement Coordinator who has been with the Wayside family for 5 years and counting. Stephanie’s words are to assure you of the kind of care Wayside staff effortlessly gives to our clients. Her words speaks to the daily transformations’ women can receive in the care of Wayside. And we hope that can be you.

How would you describe the front desk position in three words?

Welcoming. Knowledgeable. Accommodating.

What do you want future clients to know before they come to Wayside?

Wayside exists to support you. You will not find a more concentrated area of people whose life work is making sure you have a chance at a different life. Wayside may be one of the few organizations whose main goal is to put us all out of a job, because we strive for the day when no women suffer from substance use disorder.

What’s something you would like to say to women considering services from Wayside?

Oh, this is such a hard question to answer!  Those women who are considering changing their entire lives, it is such a brave thing to do. Wayside is privileged to be the place that they trust to help them.

So, I would say “You are my heroes! The strength it takes to try to change everything you know, is simply amazing.”  Wayside has been on this journey with women for more than 66 years. We love what we do, and we are good at it.  If we can help you with your journey, we will.

What is one word or phrase you tend to emphasize when women come in for the first time to make them feel safe and wanted by Wayside?

First of all, just, “Welcome.”  We are so glad you are here.  Please know that the entire team is here to support you.  Reach out, and if you let us help you, we will.

How is it to be the first person an incoming client sees when she enters Wayside Women’s Treatment Center?

It is a real honor.  Every time I get the privilege of being a part of a new client’s journey in life, it is a real gift.  I try to welcome each new client with peace and respect. 

How do you continue to build relationships with the clients and staff? 

I constantly try to think of others first, whether it be staff or clients.  I think, “How would I want to be treated or how would I want this to look?” I truly believe we are all in this life together, and it is our duty to try to help those around us. I try to ask a question of clients when they admit with us, and then remember to follow up on that question later in their stay. 

What changes in women attending Wayside have you seen over the years?

Some women walk in broken, sad, scared.  If they complete the program, I see more smiles, more confidence, more clarity and a bit of hope.  I especially see success in those clients that continue on this journey with continued care.

Can you describe a time when you felt the closest to the mission statement of Wayside in your position?

A client who lost and gained custody of her child several times would talk to me about it during her stay at Wayside.  I would offer an ear and support.  On the day she left, she gave me one of the only pictures she had of her daughter and thanked me for listening.  That little black and white picture is hanging in my home office so I never forget all I must be grateful for.