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Caitlin’s Story

I entered Wayside as a frail, shattered, lost soul. I was 25 and had been using drugs and alcohol for 15 years. Wayside was my tenth treatment program.

I had no hope left and was full of shame and guilt. I faced many challenges during my stay. The most difficult of those being my son moving to Washington to live with my uncle. With the support and compassion of the staff, I began to find myself.

For the first time in my life I became honest with myself and in turn was able to be honest with others as well. I learned how to show myself compassion and began chipping away at the walls I had built around me. I allowed other women into my life and we shared our pain and suffering as well as our joy and happiness. I made amazing friends that have continued to be a part of my life in recovery and have become the best friendships I have ever experienced in my life.

I left Wayside and entered sober housing, which in the past had been a step I had refused to take. My three-month stay in sober housing was where the real test began. I was forced to make a choice. Every woman that came through my sober house relapsed and I began to comprehend the multitude of emotions that the outside world feels when a recovering addict goes back out. I stood strong and continued on. I upped my meetings when times were hard and followed advice and got a sponsor.

“My life isn’t perfect and because of the support and compassion of Wayside, I have found a way to manage my life without the use of drugs and alcohol. I can handle anything life throws at me as long as I don’t pick up that first drink or drug. Today, I am a worthwhile woman and I deserve to be loved, and respected, and sober!”

– Caitlin F.

I have adopted a way of life that, 15 months ago, was completely foreign to me.

Caitlin F.

My son moved back to Minnesota with my grandparents that November, and by the end of January, I had built up enough trust with them to move back in as well. I had given up on school in the midst of my addiction and decided that it just wasn’t for me, however a dear friend I had made through my treatment process kindly suggested that I go back to college for my LADC, and after about 24 hours of thinking I decided it was a beautiful idea.

I am currently in my first semester at Century College for my Associates in Science for Chemical Dependency. I work part-time as a server, attend school full-time, and attend 4-5 meetings per week. I sponsor women and I have a sponsor. I work the steps and take suggestions. I have adopted a way of life that, 15 months ago, was completely foreign to me. I have custody of my son and we live together as a happy little family.