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Supportive Housing for Women and Children

One of the most important elements of continued recovery after Wayside is securing a safe place to call home.

Wayside’s Supportive Housing program provides a safe, affordable, and independent living option for single women and women and their children as they transition from treatment back into the community. 

what is supportive housing?

Wayside Supportive Housing offers 20 sober living units in St. Louis Park, with 16 of those reserved for women with young children and 4 for shared housing between single women without children.

Residents engage with staff on 6 areas of programming aimed at long-term success:

  • Recovery
  • Emotional health
  • Financial literacy
  • Daily living skills
  • Parenting
  • Employment readiness

wait list

Wayside maintains a wait list for access to Supportive Recovery Housing and accepts applications on a rolling basis. Successful applicants have completed a treatment program for chemical dependency with 3 months of proven sobriety. Preference is given to successful transitional housing or residential treatment participants and women at risk of homelessness. 

Family Unit Waitlist Status: OPEN

Single Shared Unit Waitlist Status: OPEN


Wayside Recovery Center does have a Supportive Housing Program. In addition, our Recovery Services team helps provide women with resources to various sober and supportive housing opportunities.

Yes! You do not need to be enrolled in a residential treatment program to use Wayside’s individual therapy services. Please call our intake line at 651-242-5540 to inquire about openings.

“I still have my acceptance letter to Wayside Supportive Housing. After treatment, I knew I had to get into their supportive housing because it was the only way I was going to stay sober and be a part of my son’s life. I needed all of it, the stability, the community meeting, the coaching, the apartment inspections, the random UA’s. I have now been sober for three and a half years.” – Laura G.