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How Wayside is Helping Single Mothers Receive Treatment Without Leaving Their Children Behind

Image by Kevin Liang from Unsplash

Did you know Wayside is one of only five providers in the state where women can enter treatment with their children?  

We are a part of a small percentage of treatment facilities where women can continue to mother their children while starting their journey to recovery.  

Recognizing that substance use disorders cannot be viewed as a single matter- but understanding that it entails multiple issues, all of which must be addressed to ensure women and their families receive a sustainable recovery path. Women at Wayside receive SUD and mental health services, parenting support and education, and family therapy to ultimately break the generational cycle of addiction and trauma.  

Case Management is a coordinated effort between community-based and nonprofit organizations that work to provide quality health care solutions that are customized to a client’s specific and individual need. We work with clients and the client’s family, community members, and other health care professionals to address the needs of the client. The needs can vary from basic needs to crisis services.    

Women who are pregnant and/or parenting wrestling with substance use disorders often face a tough choice: to take care of themselves or their children. But at Wayside, you don’t have to make that choice.  

Your dedicated Case Manager will be available to help you with all aspects of your long-term healing, recovery and transition back into your community. Your Case Manager will: 

  • Help you set goals and provide support, encouragement and resources 
  • Help you apply for social security, MFIP, daycare assistance and other county resources 
  • Advocate on your behalf with Child Protection or other service providers 
  • Coordinate child well-checks and developmental screenings 
  • Offer support at appointments and meetings 
  • And so much more!

Wayside case managers are both advocates and coaches for our clients. They follow their cases from the following days of admission to their discharge date, and after clients leave our care. During those times of interaction and person-centered approaches, case managers can uncover the unique needs of a client and share access to appropriate resources that will give the client what she needs.   

A case manager is like an information broker- someone who has a lot of resources and able to guide the person into the right direction.” – Shonee, Wayside Recovery Support Services Manager  

 We build sustainable partnerships that will benefit the lives of our women, specifically our women with children. Our current partnership with Minnesota One Stop Partnering helps support mothers who have active Child Protective Services (CPS) cases and work assertively towards reunification while in treatment.  

Navigating active CPS cases can be emotionally draining and a challenging experience and our case managers recognizes the vitality of the process mothers are going through and address relevant needs in that moment. Some of these needs could like housing, mental health services, and employment. But at the core of these situations, Wayside case managers are linking families to the appropriate resources to increase healthier patterns of family interaction and recovery goals.   

Case management services can continue well after treatment to provide clients with the resources and support they need for long-term wellness and sobriety. 

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