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Mental Health Services

Children’s Mental Health Services

When parents struggle with substance use disorder it can affect a child’s emotional health and development. With the right support, these challenges can be reversed. Wayside provides developmental screenings, diagnostic assessments, and therapy for children as well as referrals for early intervention services.

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Individual Therapy

Personalized, trauma-informed mental health support Our therapists take a person-centered approach, tailoring an individual therapy experience to your needs to help empower you in discovering and living a fulfilling life….

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Group Therapy

The Circle of Parents group provides a supportive environment where mothers can share the successes and challenges of parenting in recovery. Wayside offers culturally specific mother’s groups, transportation to and from group, and offsite childcare while you attend group.

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Family Therapy

A Family Services Counselor will provide you with support and education to enhance your parenting skills and assist with reunification. Programming includes parenting support groups, individual and family counseling, and co-parenting support.

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