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Outpatient Treatment Program for Nurses

Nearly 1 in 10 nurses struggle with alcohol or drug addiction.

Wayside Recovery Center is proud to offer Minnesota’s only gender-specific Outpatient Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Program for Nurses.


Nurses experience some of the most challenging work environments of any profession. Secondary traumatic stress, work-related injuries and physical violence are common. High-stress job conditions combined with risk factors like access to controlled substances creates a high need for addiction and mental health support within the field.

You might be scared to seek treatment due to stigma and fear of losing your license. We understand the pressures you are facing, and we are experienced in working with licensing boards and Health Professionals Services Programs (HPSP).

This program, led by a registered nurse in recovery and licensed alcohol and drug counselor, will allow you to share your journey with other nurses who will support you on the road to recovery. Staff will work with you one-on-one to develop a treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

Wayside is here to help 

There is a high rate of successful recovery for those in medical professions who seek help, and many can maintain or regain their licensure in recovery. Wayside can help you find your way back into recovery and back into practice.